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Julia has so many wonderful qualities it's hard to narrow down what makes her such an asset to our team.  I suppose it really boils down to her being a doer.  More than just wanting to get things done, Julia gets the most satisfaction when doing things for others.  If you have had contact with Julia then you know exactly what I mean.  She is always willing to go the extra mile to lend a helping hand, resolve a problem, conquer technology challenges  and even provide home baked treats for the office on a regular basis.  Julia is approaching the start of her fourth year working with us and it is hard to imagine how we got along without her!  

LINDSEY: Julia, tell everyone a little about yourself. 

JULIA:  I was born in Portland OR, lived most of my life in Vancouver WA until I met my husband David and moved up north to Auburn WA in 2017. I chose to move rather than having David move down south because at that time he was finishing up his apprenticeship for his job (he is an electrician). I also felt confident that I could find a finance job in Seattle and was excited to live in a new city! 

I graduated from WSU Vancouver in May 2016 majoring in Finance; Go COUGS!    

LINDSEY: Can you share a little about your family?

JULIA: I have a VERY large family! In my immediate family I have three younger sisters and a brother (I am the oldest of five!). I have two beautiful little nieces an adorable nephew. My sisters and I are all two years apart so we spend a lot of time together (now that I moved, I try to visit as often as I can).  David is the youngest of eight and I now have 20 nieces and nephews on his side (you can imagine how fun our holiday and family gatherings are!).  David and I both grew up with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins so its important for us to be near family. 

LINDSEY:  What is something that would surprise us about you?

JULIA: I am bilingual, I can read, write and speak in Russian. I can also understand Ukrainian.  

LINDSEY:  What three words do you feel best describe you?


  • Intuitive
  • Trustworthy
  • Caring

LINDSEY:  Sticking with three, what are the top three highlights of your life?


  • Getting Married 
  • Graduating WSU 
  • Becoming an aunt 

LINDSEY:  Do you have a mantra or personal motto that you live by?

JULIA: Being grateful/thankful for everything.  

LINDSEY:  Where was the best vacation you have ever had?

JULIA: Portugal! This was my first trip out of the US, it was a spontaneous decision that I don’t regret! I visited the city of Lisbon and absolutely loved it! 

LINDSEY:  What would we find you doing outside of work?

JULIA: I love to spend time with my family as much as I can and baking. 

LINDSEY:  What is your favorite thing to bake?

JULIA:  My favorite thing to bake is Russian Pryaniki – biscuit cookies. It’s the first thing I learned how to make and they’re super quick and tasty! David and his parents really enjoy them when I make them.

LINDSEY:  When you aren't baking, what is your favorite local thing to do?

JULIA: Buying a good cup of coffee and taking road trips with David. He is an avid car fan so he loves driving for miles while I enjoy the scenery! 

LINDSEY:  What is something you have always wanted to try and never did?

JULIA: I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano but I never got around to doing it, I still think about picking it up some day.  

LINDSEY:  Where is your favorite place to eat?

JULIA: Homemade food is the best kind of food for me, but if I could choose one place it would be Dukes! 

LINDSEY:  If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you want to have with you?

JULIA:  Matches, unlimited supply of drinkable water and a knife. 

LINDSEY:  How do you define your role with McKay Wealth Management?

JULIA: I am a client relationship associate. I am the liaison between our clients and Lindsey. I help our clients with questions they may have, their day to day requests  or anthing else that they may need assistance with.  

LINDSEY:  Before working with MWM, what was the most unusual or interesting job you have ever had?

JULIA: My first job was being a nanny for the summer to a six and eight-year-old. It required me living there and the two kids always liked to play pranks on me. I was 15 and it was a very testing experience. 

LINDSEY:  How did you first learn about MWM?

JULIA:  I was working for a Financial Advisor down in Portland Oregon.  My boss knew that I was looking for a job up here after I got married.  He mentioned it to wholesaler that worked with both that advisor and Lindsey, who knew that Lindsey had an open position.  With out really knowing me, that wholesaler recommeded me for the position.  I received an invitation for an interview shortly after and the rest is history!  

LINDSEY:  What made you decide to join the MWM Team?

JULIA:  MWM was everything I was looking for, family owned company that would allow me to expand my skills and knowledge. I had tried working for corporate in the past and knew that small business was where I belonged and I was not wrong! I have truly enjoyed everyday working for McKay Wealth. My team members are some of the kindest and honest people I have ever worked with. 

LINDSEY:  What is your favorite part about working for MWM?

JULIA: I love seeing us help our clients and truly make a difference in their lives. Everything we do at MWM we do passionately and caringly because our clients are our family.  

LINDSEY:  Which of our core values most resonates with you?

JULIA: Conviction- I am assured that everything we do for our clients is done with honesty, expertise and knowledge. When we provide guidance and education to our clients we are backed by many years of accumulated knowledge which is demonstrated in the way we help our clients reach their life goals.  

LINDSEY:  What would you do (for a career) if you were not working with us?

JULIA: Event Planner- for my church I used to coordinate our summer camps and parties. I would plan activities, games and the themes for the events. I loved seeing people enjoy themselves during these events and seeing all kinds of people come together and build new friendships and memories. 

LINDSEY:  Julia, thank you for sharing so much of your personal story with us.  Your love of family, friends, and everyone who is apart of your life is apparent in all that you do.  It's a pleasure to work with you and we are all grateful for all that you do for our team and our clients!